Employee Benefit Programs

With so many options available, comparing the benefits, rates, networks of health insurance plans, in addition to complying with state and federal regulations can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We can help.

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Business owners face a triple threat. In addition to running their business profitably, they need to consider their personal income protection, the income protection of their employees and create a succession plan for the business.    We can help.

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Employer Based Estate Planning

Employees are usually so busy trying to earn money, save money and get their money to grow, they often times don’t know they need to plan to properly transition their money and assets upon their passing in order to avoid probate.        We can help.

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Who We Are

With our experience and resources we create and manage comprehensive, well-communicated, compliant and easy-to-manage employee benefit programs to small to mid-sized employers in California.

We also focus on health and financial protection or our clients. We understand the success of a business is built through hard work, dedication and sacrifice. Our resources help businesses stay the course by providing specialized programs for when something catastrophic happens like a serious illness, injury, disability or death of an owner, partner or key employee.

We care about our clients and we do everything we can to simplify their lives by providing comprehensive, well-communicated, compliant and easy to manage programs.

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