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Group Estate Planning Services

"We help companies, their employees, individuals and families properly pass assets to thier loved ones through our comprehensive Estate Planning and Trust Service, giving them peace of mind, knowing they have prevented their estate from going through complex probate."

We offer a unique and much needed voluntary employee benefit to employers and their employees and to individuals and families who go through our program!

In affiliation with a leading California estate planning law firm, we provide educationally based seminars and comprehensive, revocable living trusts and estate planning services. These services are offered on a voluntary basis, through employer groups, and at special group-based legal fees.

We are able to educate, provide on-site, one-on-one estate planning consultations, and facilitate the creation, and implementation of a custom, comprehensive estate plan.  Included in the estate plan are the five most important documents needed to efficiently, privately and cost effectively pass assets from one generation to the next, avoiding California's complex probate.

An Estate Plan Should Accomplish Three Primary Goals:

1. It should allow people to protect, manage and enjoy their assets during their lifetime, while minimizing exposure to unnecessary taxes and liability;

2. It should allow people to have a plan to manage their health, and financial decisions, and have provisions for minor children, if they find themselves not able to do so themselves; and

3. It should allow people to ultimately distribute their money, property and other assets to their family and loved ones in accordance to their wishes.

You May Need an Estate Plan and a Revocable Living Trust If:

  • You live in California and own a home worth $50,000 or more
  • You have personal property worth $150,000 or more
  • You become incapacitated and cannot make financial and healthcare decisions for yourself
  • You have minor children and have not put the legal documents in place to carry out your wishes
  • You only have a will - a will does NOT by-pass complex probate!

Answer These Questions:

  • Do you have minor children, and have you legally identified a guardian to care for them in the event you aren't able to?
  • Are you avoiding the pitfalls of using joint ownership as a way to transfer property?
  • Have you identified who will make medical decisions for you and do they have the written legal authority to do so?
  • Have you protected your biological children from accidentally becoming dis-inhereted by your current spouse if your current spouse isn't their biological parent?
  • Are you confident your estate will by-pass complex probate?

If questions like these are on your mind, they most-likely are on the minds of your employees, or your friends and families.

As an employer or organization sponsoring our program, there is no financial obligation, no on-going administration and no payroll deduction requirements. And, because of the way we facilitate these services, all of the services are offered at significantly reduced legal fees!

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